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[Verse 2: Juice WRLD]
Heart on my sleeve, ball with it like a throwback
Mind in the clouds, I will never ever come back home
You fightin’ through a text, using all caps
Fuck this, screw that, you saying to see you back home
Well baby girl, I don’t want to do that
It’s true that you the only home I know
Without you, all it ever does is snow
My voice too deep for a average ho
Babe, welcome to my world, dark and confusin’
Get lost in it often, the same way I’m lost in you
And it’s often my mind that I’m losin’
See half of it stuck in a pill bottle, high and confused
Don’t even know what the fuck I be doin’
Pray everyday that I’m far from a nuisance
Tryna figure out how to live with the blueprints
To give you the heart out my chest ’cause I know that it’s true (I know that it’s true)